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Медицинский туризм в Тамбовской области (презентация)

29 August 2022, 16:50
23 December 2022, 17:30

Contact Information

Address: 1A, Sovetskaya street, Tambov, 392023

Phone of medical organization: 8(4752)75-64-24; 72-34-57


Basic information about a medical organization

Dear guests of Tambov and the Tambov region!

The hospital includes:

polyclinic department for 160 visits per shift, located in a two-story building. On the 1st floor there is a locker room, a reception desk, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a radiology room, a prosthodontic room, urologist's and gynecologist's rooms. On the 2nd floor there are offices of specialists, functional diagnostics of the physiotherapy department (including physical therapy, massage), the administration of the Hospital, an assembly hall; hospital with treatment departments (Geriatia: 40 geriatric hospital beds, 7 round-the-clock therapy beds and 8 day-care therapeutic beds; Neurology: 25 neurological hospital beds, 14 day hospital beds, 10 home hospital beds) located in 2-storey and 4-storey buildings; it includes: reception department, treatment and diagnostic rooms (ultrasound diagnostics, functional diagnostics, endoscopic, hydrotherapy, massage and others); catering department; other auxiliary structural divisions.

The polyclinic department of the hospital provides primary health care in 12 specialties. Reception and service of Veterans at home is carried out by local general practitioners and doctors of a narrow profile.

In the hospital hospital, treatment is carried out in accordance with the standards of medical care for the relevant nosology, all the necessary methods of clinical and laboratory, X-ray examinations, ultrasound in full, ECHO-cardiography, examination of peripheral vessels, Holter daily monitoring, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and other methods are used, along with drug treatment, physiotherapy is widely used, incl. halotherapy, acupuncture. There is a health-improving and sports hall, a hydropathic facility.

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